III, 2014

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"Thailand politics is like onions. It reflects a layering : layer upon layer, building up around us and influencing our lives, sometimes in complex and repetitive ways. There is only one possible way to understand Thai Politics. We have to peel away all these layers. However, we cannot finish them because there are too many layers. When we try to look in through all these layers, all we see are whites and all we get are pains and tears. Finally our minds have been invaded.

The music “Saen kamnueng” (In Deep Desperation) was composed by a Thai Palace musician, Luang Pradit Phiroh. This was during the rule of the dictator, Field Marschal Plaek Pibulsonggram, whose goverment called for the accelerated modernisation of Thailand. As a result, performances of traditional Thai music, dance and theatre were frowned upon."